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February 2024
Sunday February 28
Monday February 29
Tuesday February 30
Wednesday February 31
Thursday February 1
Liquid Lust

I love it when I get to tease you in outfits that are so tightly molded to my perfect body! This silver jumpsuit looks like someone poured it on me--which means it's going to be even sweeter when I take it off for you! 1432B
Liquid Lust

Friday February 2
Saturday February 3
The Desert Rocks & Zdrok

In this epic action sequence, Victoria and I pull a Thelma & Louise-style heist of some gorgeous rocks. Unfortunately, the heat is on--so we steal a car and head to the desert for a last lesbian hurrah before the law catches up to us. What can we say? Bad girls just have sooo much more fun!
The Desert Rocks & Zdrok

Sunday February 4
Monday February 5
Mistress Mommy in Red Latex

Love me in my latex? Mistress Mommy once had the pleasure of being a DDI Mag cover girl in a full red latex body suit -- with a very strategic opening for my pussy of course! Enjoy this vintage fetish photoset with latex soooo tight it looks like they poured it on me!#1301p
Mistress Mommy in Red Latex

Tuesday February 6
Wednesday February 7
Be A Good Slut For Mistress Mommy

On your knees, you little slut! It's strap-on Saturday and Mistress Mommy wants you completely naked and ready to service her! You're gonna eat me out--and then suck my huge strap-on until I'm satisfied. But don't worry: if you're a good man-slut, I'll let you get on your knees and I'll give you a nice deep-ass fuck!#1144
Be A Good Slut For Mistress Mommy

Thursday February 8
Brittany and Kaiia in PINK JOI

Me and my hot girlfriend, Kaia are hanging in my new pink bimbo room here tonight and we're going to give you sluts some serious jerk-off instructions! Let us see how big that cock gets--and then spit on that hand and show us how you jerk that fuck stick! 1406B
Brittany and Kaiia in PINK JOI

Friday February 9
Stepmom Impregnation

"I shouldn’t be such a slutty stepmom, fucking my stepson every chance I get, but I can’t help myself – my stepson is so cute and always has a hard cock. Legs spread and lubed up with baby oil, I’m wearing your d-a-d’s favorite black bra and stockings – but that will be our little secret. He would be so mad if he ever found out! I feel guilty, but all I want is for you to fill up all my holes. Pump my pussy full of cum, baby, then my ass, and let me lick it clean. "#1503
Stepmom Impregnation

Saturday February 10
Sunday February 11
Brittarella- Episode1 Seed Me Worthless Human

Do you believe in UFOs? Well, this probing encounter with 'Briterella' from another galaxy will blow you--that is, blow your wad away! In this sci-fi roleplay, I traveled all the way from my homeworld, "Uranus," to extract your semen so I can keep my sexy species alive. Seed me now, BITCH! 1391B
Brittarella- Episode1 Seed Me Worthless Human

Monday February 12
Shagging a Superhero

"When lovely ladies Brittany and Joslyn are nearly run over by a bus, Sam steps in, stopping the bus with his bare hands and brawn!! Shocked into u-n-c-o-n-s-c-i-o-u-s-n-e-s-s, the girls awaken at his nearby apartment. He explains that he has special superpowers and physical abilities and is only doing his duty by helping out two such beautiful girls. But how will they ever repay him? Brittany and Joslyn are so grateful, especially after he whips out his enhanced cock of steel! #1464"
Shagging a Superhero

Tuesday February 13
Wednesday February 14
Dildo Diving

I was gonna have you over for Sunday dinner...but that was before I got busy on my kitchen floor! The last day of the weekend should always let a person unwind...and so, for some solo fun, I mounted a nice thick dildo and fucked all my cares away! Follow Mistress Mommy's example and make yourself cum with me--and we'll be ready to rock when the alarm goes off Monday. #1353
Dildo Diving

Thursday February 15
Bikini Beach Bang-O

"It’s a Jamaican holiday getaway for Miss Brittany, when she’s entered into a bikini contest by the beach, where you’re staying. Lots of girls like to strut up and down the beaches, but Miss Brittany’s body is banging and she needs your help picking out which little-bitty bikini to wear. Where she’s from in Wisconsin, she usually wears a one-piece – but while she’s away in paradise, she wants to play!! She’s seen you checking out her big boobs and long legs, so, once the bikini comes off, she just wants to get oiled up and cum! #1458"
Bikini Beach Bang-O

Friday February 16
Door Dash- What a Bash

In this roleplay, I got stood up on my birthday and decided to just order in--buuut, little did I know that my delivery guy would be a 'morsel' unto himself! He's so cute, I can't help inviting the delivery guy inside for a deep and dirty solo fuck session--which of course means you can cum celebrate with me too! #1392B
Door Dash- What a Bash

Saturday February 17
Sunday February 18
Monday February 19
TS Bambi and Brittany Celebrate LOCKTOBER

Misstress Mommy and Mistress Bambi Bliss are fully in control, when all the cucks and sissies put on their chastity devices and go into severe lockdown. No wonder Brittany and Bambi have had multiple visits from the locksmith. He finally submits to caging his dick, then sucking a lot of lady cock. His beautiful keyholders own him completely, all month long. #1262
TS Bambi and Brittany Celebrate LOCKTOBER

Tuesday February 20
Diaper Boy

All you are is a dirty, pathetic loser virgin baby man and the only thing Misstress Mommy can do is put you in a diaper. A sad excuse for a real man, like you, needs to go sit in the corner – maybe when you piddle yourself, your beautiful Misstress Mommy will take a video of you crawling across the floor in your wet diaper. Better hope she doesn’t send the video to your co-workers! #1475
Diaper Boy

Wednesday February 21
Smoking School Girl

I’m such a bad girl—smoking after school in my uniform! I strip down and confess all my naughty deeds to you, as I blow all the smoke out of my mouth, right in your face, and all over my big tits! Bet you wish these smoky lips were wrapped around your cock! If that isn’t enough to torment you, I spread my pussy and pleasure myself while puffing away on my cigarette. #1228
Smoking School Girl

Thursday February 22
Missing You in The Mountains

What happens when your wonderful, beautiful, hot wifey gets stranded all alone at the snowed-in cabin where you planned to spend an intimate weekend, playing porn stars and recording it all on-camera? Good thing you let Brittany pack up all the gear, because when she’s stuck solo in the snowy mountains without high-speed Internet, Brittany has to entertain herself. She misses you soooo much, she decides to record a digital lust letter and show you exactly what she’d do if you were there. It’s sweater weather, but once the sweater is off, it’s leather-and-lace, high heels, big tits and thighs spread wide for you, while Brittany dreams about riding your stiff cock. #1459
Missing You in The Mountains

Friday February 23
Welcome Home from Work

You had to work all night, so, Miss Brittany’s surprise plans for fucking your brains out all night got postponed. You finally get home, in the early morning light, to find the lovely, lingerie-clad Brittany in bed, with make-up still on, waiting for you. Awaken and she quickly goes from a straight into your dirtiest fantasy. She understands you’re tired after work and invites you to watch as she pleasures herself with expert fingers and a thick, slippery dildo. You love to watch, up close and personal, as she deep throats that thing, then plunge it into her ass and pussy. #1478
Welcome Home from Work

Saturday February 24
Misstress Mommy Teases You in her Black Vinyl

Coming 02/24/2024

It's Monday -- and that means you need Mistress Mommy to tell you EXACTLY what to do! In this JOI video, you'll see me teasing in black vinyl at your bedside. I'll tell you when it's time to cum--and you'll follow my commands or else!#1101
Misstress Mommy Teases You in her Black Vinyl

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